Ms. Scott is extremely caring in nature and has the ability to provide a feeling of comfort for those around her. This is a feeling that was not only experienced by myself, but the other party involved as well. Through our difficult process she was able to help us keep in mind what was truly important given that we have two small children. From the very beginning I was able to open up to her and be vulnerable in sharing my story.
"Sara not only knew the law and the procedures, but she handled the entire situation with compassion, strength, and helped us focus on the facts and the options presented while we were in the biggest emotional crisis of our lives. She was always there for us -- and likely saved our marriage.

Thank you Sara, for being a great lawyer, for your amazing "bedside manner" and for being the right balance of caring while bravely facing the facts -- we could NOT have done it without you."
"We are so incredibly thankful and appreciative to all of you for ensuring that this day has arrived. Neither of us seem to be able to stop crying for any length of time so far today...we are overwhelmed with emotion. Other than our kids' educations and weddings, switching to this law firm is the best investment we ever made. Life is only and always about family...Thank you all for doing what you do and doing it so well."
"Sara has been successful as a lawyer because she knows how to take a complicated problem, one intertwined with contradictory facts, challenging financial questions, and strong emotional issues and solve it for the benefit of her client. Sara will always be successful in whatever she does because she leaves the people with whom she interacts in a better place.

I was a litigator for 29 years, retired in 2007 and began working for the second largest bar association in the USA in 2008 helping lawyers with business issues. Sara is one of a handful of lawyers with whom I have become well acquainted over these many years that I recommend without hesitation and with the confidence of knowing that she is a wise and dedicated problem solver and superior person."
Assistant Director of the Practice Management Advisory Service of the Distrcit of the Columbia Bar
"Sara Scott represented me as my attorney in a protracted collaborative divorce process that involved two children. From our first conversation through every subsequent meeting, her unfailing dedication to advocating on my behalf and that of my children won my complete faith in her considerable abilities as an attorney. She was deeply committed to ensuring that my children's needs in this process were always heard and I trusted that her recommendations implicitly as a result. Sara possesses an exceptional intellect, she quickly absorbed the facts of my case and always offered me nuanced explanations of the implications to me along with clear guidance on what she felt was in my best interests. Her grasp of the law is considerable and made her quite formidable, but it's her sense of empathy, ability to make all parties feel heard and understood and her considerable ability to use these skills to avoid contentious deadlocks that truly sets her apart. She crafted solutions to difficult problems that invariably integrated the needs of both parties while still staunchly protecting my interests and those of my children. She is a gifted communicator whom I watched on numerous occasions offer creative alternatives that reflected a sense of compassion and her commitment to the collaborative process itself. Time and again, this combination of qualities helped keep everything moving forward when discussions might have otherwise broken down. Over the course of my professional relationship with her, Sara established herself as more than just my attorney, she became a trusted adviser during a very difficult time and I recommend her in the highest possible terms.​
"Sara Scott is a lovely, smart, compassionate and dedicated family lawyer. While she was at the Children's Law Center, and subsequently in private practice, I partnered with her in a variety of ways, including bringing a cutting-edge training to the CLC (at her instigation), consulting in both directions while she was in private practice, and discussing and delivering presentations to the DC Bar. She thinks broadly, networks really effectively, and clients love her. Employers and clients would be fortunate to get her."​
Clinical Professor at the George Washington Law School and Founder of the Domestic Violence Legal Empowerment and Appeals Project